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2019 "The Root-seeking Tour" Hunan Campers learn Chinese calligraphy

Updated:2019-07-18 09:14:38

On the morning July 12, overseas Chinese teens of 2019 "root-seeking tour" summer camp visited the Songdan Chinese Art Museum in Yuhua Area, Changsha City, Hunan Province. 120 overseas Chinese teens are from 19 countries to learn about Chinese Chinese culture and experience traditional techniques such as engraving and stone rubbing.

All the campers visited the overseas exhibition Area of Chinese Character Culture, the Chinese Surname Exhibition Area, the Chinese Character Art Area, and the cultural and creative products, and the teens showed great interest in the unique characters of Chinese calligraphy. They listened carefully to the explanations and to learn the steps of engraving and printing, to experience the beauty of Chinese culture.

Link: 2019“寻根之旅”湖南营走进宋旦汉字艺术博物馆