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ART Starts Extremely Hot Environment Test in Qatar

Updated:2019-07-18 16:02:49

  On July 10, the world’s first autonomous rail rapid transit system (ART) started its test run in Doha, Qatar’s capital and also 2022 World Cup host city, to test its performance in an extremely hot environment. ART was developed by the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. This is its debut overseas and its second extreme environment challenge. It had an extremely cold environment test in Harbin this February.

  ART trains are prepared for shipment in Qatar.

  Qatar is partially surrounded by the Persian Gulf. It has a tropical desert climate. The average temperature between July and September is 45℃. High temperatures can reach 60℃. It is extremely hot and humid. In order to satisfy 2022 World Cup traffic demands and Qatar’s urban rapid transit strategy, Qatar’s transportation authority selected CRRC, and NORINGCO International, from candidates worldwide to import the autonomous rail system.

  The test venue is a 70-km working transport line. It is longer than any domestic test route. The ART train’s power, controllability, air-condition performance, battery performance, and energy consumption under the extremely hot environment were the primary test factors. The test will last for over two weeks. It is carried out and supervised by an independent third party. Test results will be based on the comprehensive assessments by the experts of Qatar’s transportation authority.

  Qatar’s transportation officials observe the ART train cab.

  The ART train begins its test run in an extremely hot environment on July 10.

  ART, a new urban rail system, combines the tramcar and the bus. It is low cost, zero carbon emission, not polluting, and has an intelligent and efficient operation. Debuted in June 2017, ART has been used in several Chinese cities, such as Zhuzhou in Hunan, Yongxiu in Jiangxi, and Yibing in Sichuan. More than 20 foreign cities negotiated for cooperation.

  The ART test has been going well meeting performance criteria. After passing the test, the system will greatly support Qatar’s diversified transportation demands and help realize a balance between the economy and the environment in transportation infrastructure construction. It will serve the 2022 World Cup and provide comfortable passenger rides among the stadiums, hotels, and resorts.