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Chinese and Russian Youth Representatives Experience Traditional Chinese Culture

Updated:2019-07-22 14:20:59

  The 6th China-Russia “Yangtze River-the Volga” Youth Forum’s “China Day” traditional cultural experience activity was held at the Central South University of Forestry and Technology on July 19.

  During the activity, a Chinese representative and a Russian representative held a writing brush together and write five Chinese characters - I love you China.

  "It's not easy to write Chinese characters with a brush, but it's an interesting experience,” said the Russian youth. He said that during his stay here in the past five days, he made some Chinese friends, enjoyed traditional Chinese dance, and was greatly exposed to the Chinese culture.

  During the “China Day” event, other hands-on programs also attracted the attendees, including traditional Chinese painting; paper-cutting; classical musical instruments such as Erhu (a Chinese violin or fiddle with two strings) and Guzheng (a Chinese zither); Hanfu (Chinese traditional costume), and Chinese cooking art and exhibition.

  The activity aims to improve Russian youth's understanding of traditional Chinese culture, carry forward fine traditional Chinese culture, strengthen communication and exchanges between Chinese and Russian youths, and promote mutual learning between Chinese and Russian cultures.

  Chinese and Russian youth representatives play Weiqi (the game of Go).

  A Russian youth tries Hanfu.

  Russian youths learn to make Chinese knots.

  A Russian youth shows her calligraphy work and poses for a photo.

  Russian youths learn to play Chinese chess.

  A Russian youth learns to play the Guzheng.