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National Dance Drama “Confucius” to Stage in Yueyang

Updated:2019-07-22 14:23:11

  A national dance drama “Confucius” produced by the China National Opera &Dance Drama Theater will be staged in Yueyang on August 5 and 6, 2019.

  The drama, in six parts, tells about the story of Confucius’ travel through all the kingdoms. It combines Chinese traditional songs and dance, and modern and national dances. Confucius’ “Great Unity”, a Chinese utopian vision, is presented through the contents and form. The chief director Kong Dexin, the 77th generation of Confucius, expects to express her understanding of Confucius’ philosophies in this dance drama.

  This drama has been performed in public for more than 300 times, in dozens of countries around the world. It was staged at the Lincoln Center in New York, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington. It is hailed as a “Chinese cultural mark” by the New York Times, and a must-see performance for every Chinese.

  Venue: Yueyang Cultural &Artistic Convention and Exhibition Center

  Time: 19:30, August 5/6

  Ticket-booking hotlines: 0730-8320111/8326555

  Official WeChat Account: