Knowing All about Hunan

Hunan’s 70-year Achievements Exhibition Opens in Beijing

Updated:2019-07-29 09:20:24

  Hunan (Xiang) embroidery, one of the four Chinese famous embroideries, is well-known for its vividness as embodied in the saying that “in Hunan embroideries, the flowers smell fragrant; the birds sing; tigers run; and, portraits are lifelike.”

  On July 25, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing to publicize Hunan’s economic and social development over the past 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The theme was “A New Journey for the Land of Revolution, A New Hunan Rising from Central China”.

  A Hunan achievements exhibition has been meticulously arranged at the exhibition hall. It has four parts: innovation orientation; opening up and rise from Central China; cultural highland; and, happy home. Three themed exhibition areas respectively present Hunan’s equipment manufacturing, intangible cultural heritages, and cultural creative products.

  Six under-glazed porcelains produced in the Liling Chenyanglong Kiln are exhibited.

  The four parts display Hunan’s epical highlights of economic and social development during the past 70 years, including the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Innovation Demonstration Area; Zhuzhou Power Valley; Yuelu Mountain University Town of Science and Technology; modern agriculture; “Hunan-made products going global”; “Foreign investments and start-ups in Hunan”; revolutionary traditions; targeted poverty alleviation; ecological protection; and, rural revitalization. A “China Mosaic” serial videos are played on a loop on the screens hung on the walls of each theme area. Through these images and videos, the audiences can get a direct feeling about Hunan in various aspects.

  Construction machinery product models by the Hunan’s leading manufacturers are on display.

  Models and objects are also exhibited. Hunan’s leading construction machinery manufacturers Zoomlion, Sany, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation (CRCHI), and Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, displayed their product models. Crawling crane, pumper truck, shield tunneling machine, light aircraft, and high-speed maglev train, all of these present Hunan as a “Capital of Construction Machinery”.

  Yiyang’s dark tea, the disparate double-sided embroidery by the Hunan Embroidery Research Institute, and under-glazed porcelain from the Chenyanglong Kiln in Liling, are seen at the intangible culture heritage exhibition area.