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Bamboo Processing Industry Helps Locals Increase Income

Updated:2019-07-29 09:46:34

The photo, taken on July 24, shows villagers are drying rough-wrought bamboos at Lianhua Village, Bamianshan Yao Township, Zixing City. The Yao township has a good ecological environment, and plants nearly 200,000 mu (about 13,333 ha.) of moso bamboo. In recent years, it has vigorously renovated medium- and low-yield bamboo lands and introduced bamboo and wood processing companies, so as to increase the bamboo industry’s added value and Yao people’s income. In 2018, the township’s total output value of moso bamboo was 290 million CNY, and about 50% of local income came from the moso bamboo industry. (Photo/Zhu Xiaorong, Cao Si)