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18th “Chinese Bridge” Quarter-finals Held

Updated:2019-08-06 10:25:32

The quarter-finals of the 18th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students kicked off in Changsha on July 29. A total of 157 competitors from 122 countries competed for 30 seats for the semi-finals. The number of competitors and participating countries both hit a record high and the competitors’ Chinese proficiency has greatly improved.

The competition of the quarter-finals was very fierce. The competitors were grouped by continents. They answered their questions on a computer. Those who first got 100 points were qualified for the semi-finals. The score was calculated in proportion based on the results of the quarter-finals and the competition of “Crossing the Bridge”.

The semi-finals put forward questions on Chinese history, geography, and culture, to check out competitors’ knowledge about Chinese history, culture, and its national condition.

Competitors answer questions in national costumes.

The top 30 competitors will face even more rigorous challenges in the following round. A Sudoku-formed game on Chinese characters will be adopted to test the basics of the Chinese language. The competitor will illustrate their opinions on “Friends” from the perspectives of their life and Chinese culture. Let’s stay tuned on the exciting competition. T