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Top 30 Announced in 18th Chinese Bridge Competition

Updated:2019-08-06 11:18:49

The quarter-finals of the 18th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students was held on July 29. In keen competition, 30 members from Asian Group, European Group, African Group, American Group, and Oceanian Group outperformed others and won the chance to compete for the champion. The name list of top 30 was as follows:

Asian Group: Jin Leisheng (DPRK), Jiang Tiangai (Myanmar), Awei (Kazakhstan), Lei Ruohua (Nepal), Yang Jinyu (Thailand), Guo Minglong (Cambodia), and Yuta Yoshinuma (Japan).

European Group: An Zishi (Moldova), Su Davi (Germany), Sasha (Russia), Maria (Russia), Lin Zhiqiu (Ukraine), Xie Xuanming (UK), and Jiasong (UK).

African group: Shiyu (Egypt), Lin Xia (Madagascar), Liu Zhengxi (Egypt), Nasen (Ghana), Chen Anyi (Morocco), and Wang Siying (Cameroon).

American Group: Bei Ancheng (Canada), Li Meng (Brazil), Cai Hejun (Chile), Long Aaron (Peru), Liz (Ecuador), and Luo Mingyan (United States).

Oceania group: Xiao Ma (Australia), Pan Taile (Australia), Baiyang (Australia), and Wu Yuqiu (New Zealand).