Knowing All about Hunan

“Chinese Bridge” Competitors Start Hunan Cultural Tours

Updated:2019-08-06 11:13:13

The “Chinese Bridge” competitors started their Hunan cultural tours on July 30. They visited the Liling Ceramics Museum in Zhuzhou and Yuelu Academy in Changsha after the intense quarter-finals, to explore the unique charm of Hunan culture.

The Liling Ceramics Museum displays a number of ceramic masterpieces produced in successive reigns and dynasties of ancient China. Beyond that, there are “national ceramics” produced by the Liling Kiln. Visitors can learn about the Liling under-glazed porcelain techniques as a brilliant mark of Chinese ceramic art, an item of China’s national intangible cultural heritage, and a national geographical indication protection product.

Then, the competitors went to Yuelu Academy in Changsha.

Yuelu Academy, one of the four famous Academies of the Song Dynasty, was founded in 976 AD during the North Song Dynasty. It is reputed as a “Millennium Institution of Education” for its time-honored cultural and educational tradition passing through the Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties. Numerous prestigious scholars from around the world gave lectures here.