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Hunan Foreign Trade Up 46% in First 7 Months

Updated:2019-08-16 10:46:49

  The customs statistics show that, between January and July this year, Hunan’s total import and export value was 224.53 billion CNY, increasing by 46% over the same period last year. The growth rate is much higher than the national level. The exports totaled 157.99 billion CNY, up 63.1%; and, the imports were 66.54 billion CNY, up 16.9%.

  Hunan’s foreign trade value was 42.22 billion CNY in July, a record high of a single month, increasing by 78.1% year on year, and 3.1% month on month.

  Mechanical and electrical products, and hi-tech products exports registered rapid growth. In the first seven months, Hunan’s exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 68.6 billion CNY, up 62.4%, and accounting for 43.4% of the provincial total exports. The exports of hi-tech products were 20.34 billion CNY, up 73.1%, and accounting for 12.9% of the provincial total. Clothing and accessories exports were 13.71 billion CNY, up 98.7%. Rolled steel exports were 6.82 billion CNY, increasing by 92.9%.

  Mechanical and electrical products imports accounted for more than 40% of the total provincial imports. Iron ore imports rose at a fast pace. Between January and July, Hunan imported 28.3 billion CNY of mechanical and electrical products, rising by 15.3% and accounting for 42.5% of the total provincial imports. Hi-tech products imports were 14.42 billion CNY, growing by 8.7% and accounting for 21.7% of the total. The imports of iron ores and their concentrates reached 8.35 billion CNY, up 35.5%. Imported automobiles totaled 3.81 billion CNY, up 230% over last year.