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Hunan’s First 5G Mobile Phone Debuts

Updated:2019-08-16 10:53:34

  Visitors try 5G mobile phones.

  Hunan’s first Chinese Telecom-supporting 5G mobile phone debuted at a 5G exploration hall in Nanyue District, Hengyang City, on August 13, 2019. Loading speed gap between 5G and 4G mobile phones was obvious. “The 5G-based mobile phone can reach a downloading speed at 651.3 MB/sec, and uploading speed at 113.2 MB/sec, respectively 20 and 5 times faster than that of the 4G one,” said a staff.

  Comparison of 5G (R) and 4G mobile phones in terms of loading speed.

  There are areas for 5G exploration, 5G+ games, and 5G+ smart home in the exploration hall. At the 5G exploration area, a 5G-based mobile phone can download a high-definition movie in a dozen of seconds. At the 5G+ games area, all games operate on a “Cloud” server, and present game frames to users through 5G network. The player can experience real-world environment when wearing the VR glasses. At the smart home area, lights, TV sets, air conditions, and curtains are voice-activated. Beyond that, visitors wearing VR glasses can have an immersive virtual reality travel experience of Nantianmen (the Southern Heavenly Gate), and memorial archway in the Nanyue Scenic Area.

  The Chinese Telecom Nanyue District Branch manager remarked that 5G technology not only provides faster internet-surfing speed, clearer video format, and abundant mobile data traffic but also leads to a lifestyle revolution.