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Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town to Offer Teachers and Seniors Free Entry

Updated:2019-09-05 11:42:59

  To mark its first opening anniversary, the Macrolink Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town launched a 198-yuan annual travel card for Wangcheng residents between August 31 and October 31.

  Between September 7 and 10, teachers from all over the country enjoy free entry to the town by showing their teacher’s certificate and ID card.

  Between October 7 and 13, women aged 55 and older, and men aged 60 and older enjoy free admission.

  About Macrolink Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town:

  Opened on August 28, 2018

  Past events:

  Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Week to Celebrate National Day;

  Wangcheng New Year’s Celebrations;

  First Hunan Silk Road Cultural Festival;

  Third International Youth Forum: Creativity and Heritage Along the Silk Roads;

  2019 Changsha Media Arts Festival; and,

  Changsha (Wangcheng) International Triathlon Competition.


  Hunan’s Hot Tourist Destination 2018;

  Excellent Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot at 2018 China Culture and Tourism Integrated Development Forum; and,

  Cultural Tourism Model Town 2019

  Address: Taoyuan Village, Tongguan Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha