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Hunan and the world's top 500 enterprises hold talkfest in Beijing

Updated:2019-09-12 17:24:03



Rednet (Beijing): The talkfest of Hunan and the world's top 500 enterprises was held in Beijing on the afternoon of September 12, which is one of the important contents of Hunan's global promotion activities by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu and Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government Chen Fei attended the meeting and delivered speeches. They talked with representatives of well-known Fortune 500 companies, representatives of foreign companies in China, representatives of Fortune 500 companies who have invested in Hunan, and representatives of Hunan enterprises. To seek the common development, they expressed their expectation of Hunan's promotion for the opening-up cooperation, further deepening economic and trade exchanges with countries around the world, and strengthening the will of win-win cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises.

At the meeting, representatives delivered speeches respectively and introduced their developments and investments in Hunan by their own experience and feeling of Hunan's continuous improvement for business environments. They expressed the willingness of investment in Hunan, and they are looking forward to the deep cooperation with Hunan. The representatives are Yang Chuan, Vice President of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Fernand, CEO of Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Sheet Co., Ltd., Simpson, CEO of China-Britain Trade Association, and Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany Group Mr. Saob Yueyan, Director of the Wuhan Office of the Japan External Trade Organization, Mr. Chen Lang, Vice President of COFCO, and Hu Shengli, Senior Vice President of Jingdong Group. (Reporter: Liao Jie, Liu Yuxian, photo by Zhang Biwen, correspondent: Tao Wei)

Link: 湖南与世界500强企业恳谈会在京举行