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About Tujia people in Yongshun county, Hunan

Updated:2019-09-17 16:07:07

In the video, you’ll see valuable cultural heritage of Hunan in Yongshun County: Laosicheng site included in World Heritage List witnessing 800-year history of Tusi regime; Maogusi Dance, called the 'living fossil' of primitive Tujia culture; Tima song of Tujia people, an encyclopedia of Tujia ethnic group’s production and living.

Tujia People's Maogusi Dance in Western Hunan

The Maogusi dance is an ancient dance popular in areas inhabited by the Tujia ethnic group in western Hunan Province. "Maogusi" means grandpa in Chinese. The dance originated from the sacrifice rituals of the ancient Tujia people.

Most Maogusi dances are about history, fishing, marriage and the daily work of the Tujia people.The Maogusi dance is an integration of singing, dancing and drama.

The Maogusi dance is unique in its form and content. The dancers speak and sing songs in local dialects throughout the performance, and their appearances are humorous. They advance and retreat in short, quick steps, or go down on their knees and shake their bodies, jumping andswingingfrom right to left and quivering all over. They shake their heads and shrug and rustle the couch grass. This is in imitation of the straightforward manners of the ancient people.

Link: 老司城、毛古斯、梯玛歌 谜一样的它们诉说着神秘永顺