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Black Stone ship embodies open culture of Hunan

Updated:2019-09-17 16:53:39

Changsha kiln illuminates thousand-year porcelain glory of the Tang Dynasty. There were 15 porcelain objects were ever displayed in Helsinki, capital of Finland for cultural exchange “Discover China: Hunan Culture Expo in Finland”in 2017.


The sunken ship "Black Stone", an Arabian merchant ship in the late Tang Dynasty sinking around 826BC, was found by Indonesian fishermen in 1998. 56,500 porcelain objects salvaged on the “Black Stone”were made in Changsha kiln, Hunan province, China. "Black Stone" ship also embodies open culture of Hunan for thousand years.

Link: 创新湖南 融入世界——外交部向全球推介湖南 千年黑石号 彰显湖湘文化开放基因