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Tourists come to Fantawild Adventure Amusement Park in Mid-Autumn Festival

Updated:2019-09-18 08:52:59


“It’s so happy, our family spent a different Mid-Autumn Festival here!” Ms. Xia from Shandong province told reporters on Sep 15. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, many citizens choose to go out to have fun. Many tourists from all over China and even abroad have their fun in Fantawild Adventure Amusement Park in Changsha, Hunan province.

Fantawild park is an animation-theme park with programs and projects combing Chinese traditional culture and high technology, which is a profound exploration of Chinese myths and legends, folk tales, operas, and other Chinese 5,000-year history and civilization. A total of more than 200 landscapes, including large-scale indoor cultural theme projects, 34 outdoor recreation projects for classic legends let visitors experience the essence of Chinese civilization.