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Migrant birds love the wetlands of Changsha

Updated:2019-09-18 09:39:30

Daze Lake wetland, located in Wangcheng Binshui New Area of Changsha city, is a long and narrow wetland belt connecting with Xiangluzhou Island and Fengjiazhou Island in Xiangjiang River. It is a natural shallow marsh wetland. About 40 kilometers away from Dongting Lake Wetland Nature Reserve, Daze Lake is an important stop spot for migrant birds, overwintering ground for winter birds and breeding ground for summer birds along Xiangjiang river.

In September 2019, the volunteers of Hunan creative environmental protection made a research about summer migrant birds. Seven species of summer migrant birds and 13 species of residents were found there, including pheasant-tailed jacana, striated heron, common moorhen, and little grebe.

Link: 南来北往的鸟儿 都爱长沙这片最美湿地