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Fun games in Shiniuzai Village of Pingjiang County kick off

Updated:2019-09-23 14:59:06

Fun Games of Shiniuzhai Village was launched on Sept. 20. There are seven thrilling exciting projects for the fun games of Shiniuzhai Village. The ones who joined the games are internet celebrities.

Two teams of internet celebrities had a pig-racing competition on the first national high-altitude glass bridge.

The celebrities completed the challenge of games for running with one-hand holding water, shaking bridge, shouting for louder voice, Q&A in cliff swings, and other thrilling and exciting projects. The games will last until the end of October.

Shiniuzhai Village is now a national AAAA level scenic spot and a national geological park. It has the typical Danxia landscape composed of strange rocks, strange peaks and stone caves.

Link: 平江石牛寨尖叫挑战赛开幕 网红主播高空“赛猪”