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Celebrate China70: Guarding our land and people is the best gift

Updated:2019-09-27 14:43:44

Forty years ago, Zhangjiabang production team of Zhushan Commune of the Kaihui Commune had been the first team of household-based contract system in Hunan. Xiang Zhiwu was the deputy captain of the production team.

"It was August 6, 1978. The captain came to me and asked me if I had planted the late rice. He asked me whether to choose field contracted to households. Our team committee agreed, and we divided green seedling to households."

The late rice was harvested that year with an average yield of more than 150 Jin per mu, and everyone was very motivated and had a happy year.

On January 1, 1982, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China approved the "National Rural Work Conference Minutes", which officially pointed out the agricultural production contracted of households, to the group, etc., These are the production responsibility system of the socialist collective economy.

In the 40 years, the Zhushan team, which was poor and backward, turned into Gejiashan Village a beautiful and wealthy national civilized village.

For a new era, Xiang decided to make the first implementation of the household-based contract system. In his heart, guarding every precious land and quietly cultivating the riches and fortune for the people in hometown is the best gift for the 70th anniversary of P.R.C founding.

The implementation of the household contract responsibility system in the 1980s gave the land a new life, and it opened the prelude to China's reform and opening up, for the golden age in the history of agricultural development.

Today, from the new rural construction to the rural revitalization strategy, the beautiful countryside and beautiful China gradually becoming reality with green hills and blue waters, and the image of one's homeland in mind. The roots of Chinese traditional culture and Chinese people are in the countryside. #CelebrateChina@70