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Changsha Entrepreneur Presents Hunan Embroidery National Flag in Africa

Updated:2019-09-27 17:11:01

  Hunan embroidery master Hu Yiping is busy making a Chinese national flag with a length of 1.9 meters and width of 1.28 meters. African girl Jose stands beside her, waiting to deliver this embroidery to her Chinese boss Wang Senbo. Wang works in Uganda. He ordered this handiwork half a month ahead of the National Day, to extend his love to the hometown and the motherland.

  Wang, a post-80s who was born in Changsha, started his business in Africa in 2005. At present, he is mainly engaged in China-Africa cultural exchange, modern agriculture, and e-commerce service in several African countries, including Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda. Ugandan girl Jose is an employee working at his Changsha-based Hecun African Cultural Park.

  Mao Yongzhen, director of the Shaping Hunan Embroidery Museum, paid great attention to this special order. He designated Hu Yiping, one of Changsha’s top 10 handicraft masters and a Hunan embroidery master, to undertake this task. It took Hu half a month to complete this silk embroidery national flag. “Though not very difficult, it is particularly meaningful and worth devoted attention to every single needle and thread,” Hu said.

  Wang Senbo presents a China-Africa cultural exchange project to his Ugandan friends. (Photo/Wang Senbo)

  “Hunan embroidery is a symbol of my hometown, and the national flag is a symbol of my motherland! I will place this embroidery national flag at the most eye-catching place in my company!” Wang said excitedly when he got first glimpse of the embroidery image on the phone.

  Wang mentioned that, when he arrived in Africa in 2005, he was often mistaken for Japanese who was the major investor there at that time. In recent years, especially after the “Belt and Road” Initiative, China-Africa cultural and economic and trade exchanges have flourished. Many African countries were benefited and attracted more Chinese investors. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. As a Chinese struggled in Africa for 14 years, he feels proud of the motherland. “The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha this June is really influential. I am convinced that the next session will be more successful,” Wang said.

  Wang Senbo (1st, L) and his employees in Uganda. (Photo/Wang Senbo)