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China's first maglev train of commercial operation has speed above 130 kph

Updated:2019-09-30 16:33:31



China's first medium-and-low speed maglev train of commercial operation (the 2.0 version of the maglev, with a design speed of 160 kph) had the test speed above 130 kph recently in Changsha City, Hunan Province. The train has been jointly developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd and Hunan Maglev Rail Group Research Center. It is a new world record for the short stator low-speed maglev train running speed. The breakthrough marked Hunan made a great achievement on the major scientific and technological innovation project "medium-speed maglev technology" in the testing phase.

Link: 中国首列商用磁浮2.0版列车速度突破130公里/小时