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To experience indoor skiing in Xiangjiang Fun Park

Updated:2019-10-11 14:31:32

In Dawangshan Area of Changsha city, Xiangjiang Fun Park built on abandoned mine pits has begun to take shape. The project has completed the construction of curtain wall installation, interior decoration, installation of mechanical and electrical devices, etc., and it entered the stage of closure construction and equipment commissioning. The park is the only theme park in the world combining ice, snow, and water. The opening conditions will be available at the end of the year. At that time, visitors can experience indoor skiing and outdoor programs above water. The ice and snow world includes two parts: the indoor Snow Area and the outdoor Happy Water Village. The Snow Area is based on the theme of the Alps and it is concentrated on the central pit of the site. The theme of Happy Water Village is divided into three areas: the roof area, the upper area, and the lower area.