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Prosperous nightlife lights up nights in Changsha, Hunan

Updated:2019-10-15 11:37:32

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On October 12, people ate in a popular restaurant on the internet that has the old lifestyle of Changsha City.


In recent years, Changsha uses its cultural advantages to provide citizens and tourists with a more diversified nightlife, for example, a popular restaurant of old Changsha style, a licensed street performer performing with his live streaming online, 24-hour libraries, etc. The brands of catering, night markets, and fireworks shows promote the growth of tourism, the layout of facilities such as 24-hour stores and bookstores, and the services of delivered food and designated driving. The nightlife just begins when lights illuminate Changsha city at night.


On October 12, readers are reading books in the self-service library opened from 6:00 am to 24:00 pm in Hunan Library.

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The photo shows the street corner of the pedestrian section of Huangxing Road in Changsha, October 12.


An artist makes clay sculptures in the Changsha Huogongdian restaurant for his customers, October 12.


The street performer who is certified in Huangxing Road attracts the passers-by during his performance, October 12.