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Farmers have a good time in fun sports games

Updated:2019-10-16 10:31:45


As the hometown of Hunan folk culture and art, Shigu Town of Xiangtan County held the launching ceremony of 2019 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Sports Games for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Tongliang Village, which was just lifted out of poverty, attracted thousands of villagers from the surrounding villages but also attracted the attention of the Hunan provincial sports bureau and the Social Sports Center of the State Sports General Administration.


Farmers compete three agricultural production skills (carrying a load with a carrying pole, weight-bearing cycling, catching fish in the water), tug-of-war competition and group fish-fishing competitions. The fun games that blends sports with agricultural activity, showing local agricultural products, such as hand-picking lotus seeds and preserved pepper. The farmers had a good time and the crowds enjoyed watching the games.

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