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Thailand-China Cultural Federation visits Hunan

Updated:2019-10-16 10:31:23


 On October 13, the delegation of Thailand-China Cultural Federation visited Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Huang Fang, secretary of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation, met with the guests. The two sides exchanged views on the friendly cooperation between Hunan and Thailand in the areas of economy, trade, and culture, for promoting exchanges in a wider area.

Huang introduced Hunan from the fields of education, culture, agriculture, engineering machinery, and manufacturing. She said that Hunan's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, and it has achieved remarkable results in the manufacturing industry. It is an important manufacturing base for China's construction machinery, rail transit, small and medium-sized aircraft engines, automobiles and related parts.

It is expected that economic and trade cooperation shall be done on relevant projects, in order to promote more in-depth communication, interaction, and cooperation between the two places. At the same time, the delegation visited Hunan landmarks to appreciate the unique Hunan culture and to enhance the cultural exchange between Hunan and Thailand.

Link: 泰中文化人联合会访湘 助推两地文化交流