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China E-Mobile Rally Championships (Yueyang–Nanxian) Kicks Off

Updated:2019-10-17 14:26:27

  The 2019 China E-Mobile Rally Championships around Dongting Lake (CER) Yueyang – Nanxian section kicked off on October 13.

  Obstacle course, linear acceleration event, and constant speed rally were set for this section. The constant speed rally course started from the Yueyang Culture and Art Exhibition Center; led to the checkpoint at the X073 migrant bird protection station, by way of Baling East Road and Jingming Road; and, finally ended at Nanxian County in Yiyang, along the Ouchi River east side.

  The scores of the obstacle course will be counted into the total score. The final winners will be determined based on the total score and announced on October 16.

  All the racing drivers were organized to visit a local agro-tourism resort and taste local food.

  This rally combines sports, tourism, and automobile together, and explores to promote the integrated development of new energy industrial chain at the Dongting Lake area.

  The rally’s Nanxian-Changde section started on October 14.