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Hunan girl of Miao sings in Raleigh China Art Festival in the U.S.

Updated:2019-10-22 15:12:22

2019 Raleigh China Art Festival was held in North Carolina USA, on October 4. Amiao Qianqian, Miao singer from Suining county of Hunan province, was invited by the Carolina-China Friendship Exchange Association to interact with the Italian opera queen Chiara Taigi, along with professor Wu Bixia, a famous Chinese opera singer and a doctoral tutor at the China Conservatory of Music, Yue Hualun, an American overseas Chinese singer, and the Shanghai Xinyi National Chamber Orchestra. Amiao Qianqian not only sang a lot of Miao songs such as "Miao's Love Song" and "I Love You, China" . This is the second time of Amiao Qianqian participated in the American Raleigh Arts Festival in May 2015, to showcase China's Miao song and spread the Miao culture.

Link: 绥宁姑娘阿苗千千再度唱响美国罗利中国艺术节