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What's inside? High Technology in a concrete pump truck

Updated:2019-10-24 10:37:53



A concrete pump truck is one of the most common construction machinery anywhere on all kinds of large and small construction sites. How is concrete transported to a height of tens of meters through a long boom? What high-tech is hidden in the big vehicle? Special reports on What's Inside go to the famous brand of Hunan Construction Machinery Enterprise - Zoomlion, and the secret is "out of the bag" of a concrete pump truck.



A 56-meter pump truck was disassembled on the parking log of Zoomlion Industrial Park on the morning of October 22.



This pump truck has been off the assembly line since 2015 with 62 patents. A breakthrough was made in five core technologies of control technology: the active vibration control technology of the all-direction boom, high-pressure pumping technology, vehicle safety control technology, high precision & efficient pumping technology, and differential material adaptive pumping. It is the superposition of various innovations that the products achieve faster pumping, more reliable structure, more stable operation, and more worry-free management and maintenance.



Among the What's Inside items, there are bent pipes, bent & straight pipes, pumping legs and other components. There are tools such as forklifts, electric drills, and wrenches used in the production and assembly process, as well as overalls and gloves, helmets and other supplies of employees.


2018年,长沙工程机械产业实现实现工业总产值1639亿美元,约占全国工程机械产业工业总产值的28%,产业规模居全国第一。在9月举行的2019年全球工程机械产业大会暨50强峰会上,中联重科等4家湘企入选“ 2019全球工程机械制造商50强”,长沙成为国内唯一拥有4个世界工程机械50强企业的城市。

In 2018, Changsha's construction equipment industry realized a total industrial output value of $163.9 billion, which is 28% of the total industrial output value of the industry in China, and the industrial-scale ranked first in China. Four Hunan companies, including Zoomlion, were selected as “Top 50 Global Construction Equipment Manufacturers” at the 2019 Global Construction Equipment Industry Conference and the Top 50 Summit held in September. Changsha has become the only city in China with four engineering machinery companies in the world's top 50.