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World-famous Symphony Orchestras Hit Stage in Changsha

Updated:2019-10-28 15:49:24

  Conducted by Mr. Xiao Ming, Changsha Symphony Orchestra artists rehearse at the Changsha Concert Hall on October 22.

  Between October 24 and 25, 19 world-famous symphony orchestras from home and abroad gathered in Changsha to participate in the 2019 Changsha City Symphony Orchestra Summit. They include German Bamberg Symphony, Russian Rostov Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, and Macao Orchestra. As the host, the Changsha Symphony Orchestra showcased Hunan’s orchestra development at the summit.

  In December last year, under the leadership and support of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, the Hunan Performance Group and the Changsha Government signed a cooperation agreement to co-build the Changsha Symphony Orchestra. The Hunan Symphony Orchestra was officially renamed to the Changsha Symphony Orchestra. A package of mechanisms will be built to promote all-round cooperation in resource sharing, project co-management, event promotion, venue sharing, repertoire production, and results sharing.

  Background information:

  Since the establishment of the Changsha Symphony Orchestra, 13 outstanding performers have been recruited around the world, including 4 associate concertmasters.

  Past concerts:

  Changsha New Year’s Concert;

  Hunan New Year’s Concert;

  Changsha Night—Outdoor Concert;

  Hunan Music Season; and,

  A special concert conducted by well-known Italian conductor Nicola Giuliani.

  Past performances:

  1st Hainan International Film Festival Closing Ceremony;

  CCTV Spring Festival Celebration—Orange Isle Flash Mob;

  KYOTO STEAM – International Arts x Science Festival – prologue (Kyoto, Japan); and,

  The performance of the epic music Yellow River Cantata together with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.