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Direct flights to be opened from Changsha to Kathmandu and Okinawa

Updated:2019-10-29 15:46:06


Hunan will open a direct flight from Changsha to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, It is the fastest and most convenient route between the central region of China and Nepal, from November 20.



The Flight H9988 from Changsha to Kathmandu will depart from Changsha at 18:00 every Wednesday and arrive at Kathmandu at 21:00 by Airbus 320. The Flight H9987 will depart from Kathmandu at 10:45 every Wednesday and arrive at Changsha at 17:00 (all above are local time).

9 Air Company Limited will open a new route from Changsha to Okinawa, Japan, in early January 2020. It will run every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight will depart from Changsha at 12:30 and arrive at Okinawa at 17:00. The flight will depart from Okinawa at 18:00 and arrive in Changsha at 20:30 (all of which are local time). It takes only 2.5 hours from Changsha to Okinawa.


Okinawa, Japan

At present, Changsha Airport has access to 44 airports in 22 countries and regions, and a network of domestic and international routes connecting the five continents. The opening of two routes to Kathmandu and Okinawa expands the “Changsha Four-hour Aviation Economic Circle” to 36 cities in 16 countries and regions. The advantage of Changsha Airport in the central region of China to Southeast Asia grows on the widest coverage and highest flight density.

Link: 长沙新开直飞尼泊尔加德满都和日本冲绳航线