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HNU ERT wins national champion for access to Formula Student Germany in 2020

Updated:2019-11-26 17:13:15

The 2019 NIO Formula Student Electric China was officially concluded in Zhuhai on November 23. The competition lasted for 6 days. Hunan University Electric Racing Team (HNU ERT) won the No.1 and the access to the upcoming Formula Student Germany competition in 2020 with the highest score.


This is the second year of the HNU ERT to participate in the competition. After long-term preparations by the students, they have achieved excellent results in the competition: the second team that passed all vehicle inspection projects, the fourth place in marketing defense, and the third place in cost defense , the third place in linear acceleration, the fifth place in endurance test, the second place in battery box design, the first place in lightweight design. They won the champion of NIO Formula Student Electric China and the funding sponsorship for Formula Student Germany competition in 2020. Just like their slogan "Ever youthful ever racing", they are young and ambitious for the competition.