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Liu Jun: We should learn more about today's China

Updated:2019-12-02 16:56:19


Liu Jun is mainly engaged in commercial real estate and catering business abroad. Through many years of work, he has contacted with lots of Chinese who have lived abroad for many years, including their next generation. Whenever there is a prejudice against mainland China, he goes to explain and share his experience with them.


"Since China's reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in the cities and rural areas. Those who went abroad early didn't know much about the changes, especially the younger generation. They are still stuck in the stereotypes of the past." Liu said that whenever he encountered people with "stereotypes" about China, he asked them to return to China and to check the situation more.

In Liu's opinion, it is the only way to have a complete impression and evaluation, to avoid being led by foreign express and update the cognition of facts."


Liu spoke highly of the summer camp for overseas Chinese held every year in Hunan. "It is good organized and managed, so many people enjoy to come to Hunan. Hunan attaches great importance to every city, the local overseas Chinese federation and leaders come to the camp every time. When overseas Chinese kids go back to Canada, they have an impression of the mountains and rivers of China, and at the same time, they have an impression of the people and culture of their homeland." He expected more exchange activities like summer camps, and more young students anticipating the activities.

In Toronto, Liu and a group of the Association of fellow Hunanese are enthusiastic about public welfare and actively for a broader stage. In 2015, Liu jun was elected as Canada's first member of parliament of mainland immigrants, supported by his fellow townsmen.

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