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Demoiselle cranes: elegant and strong

Updated:2019-12-12 15:43:18



Have you ever seen this kind of bird? They are elegant and love to lay their eggs on dry saline land. They can stand and walk when they are born. Yu Min, an ecological photographer, took pictures for such a species of birds, demoiselle crane on the prairie of Xilinhot city, in inner Mongolia.

In March each year, demoiselle cranes fly back to the breeding ground from overwintering place. They live in small groups in grasslands and swamps, and they begin breeding in late April. They usually lay eggs on the bare and dry saline-alkali soil in the Leymus chinensis meadow.

Yu Min said that these photos were taken on the prairie of Xilinhot City, Inner Mongolia. Four demoiselle cranes, two big ones and two small ones are walking on the prairie. The adult cranes are graceful in posture. The black wings on the chest are like a delicate feather scarf flying in the wind, showing a beautiful picture of nature and harmony.

Link: 蓑羽鹤:一出生就能行走的“战斗鹤”