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In pics: A couple makes cured meat in the lanes of Changsha

Updated:2019-12-17 11:57:48


Many meat, fish, and chicken are hanged on the iron racks and branches which have not been smoked yet, in Tongtai street in Changsha city. Many passersby stop to enjoy the average scenery of old days of citizens in Changsha.



Many meat, fish, and chickens are hanged for drying on shelves and the branches of trees, even it is a cloudy day on December 15.



Cured products must be dried before they are smoked.



These chicken, meat, and fish are cured by the bacon shop of #134 on Tongtai street. It is a preserved food shop that has been open for 20 years. The shop is run by Wang Yonghong and Li Xinjun, a couple, from Jianli of Hubei Province.



The couple has been making their living in Hunan for more than 20 years. Wang said that they made two or three thousand Jin of cured products in the past, but they only made serval hundred Jin of cured products.



The shop serves homemade products with a good reputation due to its good quality. The photo is shot in 2014.



Every winter, as long as it is sunny, they hang their fish, meat, chicken, duck on the tree for drying. They didn't make cured duck this year because the price of duck is very high.


早在2014年的时候,王永红就告诉我: “刁子鱼1斤剖得9两,草鱼1斤剖得8两。烘干还要失称。我们是赚点加工费哦。”此片拍于2014年。

As early as 2014, Wang said: "a fish is dried with 20% of losing weight. We just earn some money for processing." The photo is shot in 2014.



Wang raised a finger and said: "A fish raises three families. It means that one fish benefit s the families of fishermen, sales, and bacon shops. We directly buy fish from fishermen and earned the money by skipping sales." The photo is shot in 2014.



Before the rebuild of Beizheng Street, they were doing business at #3 of Tongtai Street. They later moved to #132 and then to #134. The photo is shot in 2014.


They have to work hard to support a big family with senior parents and two daughters by their business. Li Xinjun grows a lot of grey hair in recent years.