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Thousands of tourists experience Dong people's customs for the new year

Updated:2019-12-19 16:22:57

On December 13, more than a thousand tourists gathered in the Huangdu Dong Cultural Village, Tongdao County of Huaihua City, Hunan Province, to experience the unique folk culture of the Dong people for the new year.

The original ecological agricultural products attract tourists.

The New Year starts from October to the middle of November of the Lunar calendar, which is the time when the Bailiyu Cultural Corridor passes the following year and catches up, and it is also the most lively time of the year for the Dong people. During the period, each household makes glutinous rice cake on New Year's Eve, prepare New Year's pork, and feast with their friends and families; play music by Lusheng with step dance for celebrating and blessing harvests and prosperity.

Tourists experience making glutinous rice cake.

In the Village, tourists watch Dong's original performances, banquets, bonfires and other series of folk activities.

Drink wine is a custom in the village.

"Since the celebration started on November 22, our company has received more than 7,000 tourists. It is expected that by the end of December, the number of tourists will exceed 10,000," Said the person in charge of the tourism Company of Huangdu Village, Tongdao County, Huaihua City.

Helong banquet

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