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Zhurong Peak of Mount Heng, Hunan Province

Updated:2019-12-20 11:45:06





Zhurong Peak is the highest peak of Mount Heng, also known by its Chinese name Hengshan, which is a mountain in China's Hunan Province, known as the southern mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China. Zhurong Peak is an excellent place to watch the sunrise and clouds. This is one of the best landscapes of Mount Heng with a lot of poems wrote by famous literature figures, "To feel sun and wind today, again on the peak we date. In the clouds and mist, from heaven comes back the monk." the ancient poem wrote by Zhang Shi's for Zhurong Peak reminds us of the beautiful landscape as a fairyland.

Link:南岳四绝之首 这里从来不缺乏文豪的眷顾