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New model of high-speed inter-city trains operational in Central China

Updated:2019-12-25 15:06:45


      A new model of high-speed trains designed for inter-city transportation was put into operation Tuesday in Central China's Hunan province.

  With a design speed of 160 kph, the CJ6 trains were jointly developed by an inter-city railway company in Hunan and CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.

  The new trains are versatile, as they can run in four-car formations during non-rush hours and eight or 16-car formations during rush hours, said Zhou Qinghe, chairman of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive.

  Using light-weight materials and equipped with a braking system powered by recycled energy, the new model is also energy-conserving and environmentally friendly, according to Zhou.

  Industry analysts said the operation of the new trains will help boost the integration of cities in Hunan.