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Intangible Cultural Heritage Courses Offered in Changsha’s Schools

Updated:2019-12-26 10:32:41

  On December 23, an achievement exhibition of the “2019 Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion on Campus in Yuhua District” was held at the Yuhua District Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, Changsha. “Little artisans” displayed traditional techniques, and won praises from the audience.

  In order to enable students to learn about traditional culture in an effective and systematical way, the Yuhua District Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall designed a series of courses that suit primary and middle school students, based on their cognitive ability and characteristics of each intangible cultural heritage item.

  The event has been held in 16 primary and secondary schools. Traditional techniques, such as tea ceremony, New Year paintings, bamboo weaving, palm weaving, dough figurine, pottery and paper-cutting, add cultural content into the after-school activities.

  Tea ceremony, a featured intangible cultural heritage course in Yuhua District, aims to advocate virtues of the ancient people. The course has been held in 10 schools, receiving high praise from teachers, students and parents.

  There are 7 exquisite intangible cultural heritage courses of 24 class hours. These courses can enable students to experience traditional culture through practices, and help bring the intangible cultural heritage to life.