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City encourages writing letters home to loved ones

Updated:2019-12-27 14:40:04

  Letters are displayed at the Museum of Family Letters at Renmin University of China in Beijing. The museum has collected more than 1,000 handwritten letters donated by people worldwide. [Photo provided to China Daily]

  With the new year around the corner, a city in Central China's Hunan province launched a campaign to encourage people to write letters to loved ones.

  "Maybe you have been used to expressing your thoughts and concerns by telephone, WeChat or video, but don't remember writing letters home, an ancient, timeless way of expressing emotions," read the proposal published by the Ningxiang New Era Civilization Practice Center.

  The center called for people to express their innermost feelings to loved ones away from home, and express their love for their hometown.

  For those who are not able to write letters personally, volunteers will be arranged to write on their behalf.

  The best letters home will be awarded and published at the beginning of 2020, the proposal said.