Knowing All about Hunan

To see the most beautiful landscapes in Hunan by HSR train

Updated:2019-12-27 17:00:16


A high-speed railway line was put into operation on Dec 26, connecting Southwest China's Chongqing municipality and a city in central Hunan province.

The 335-km-long rail line links the Qianjiang district of Chongqing and the city of Changde in Hunan, passing seven railway stations with a maximum speed of 200 kph in its initial phase of operation.


The railway is part of a major high-speed rail line connecting Chongqing; Changsha, capital of Hunan; and Xiamen in Southeast China's Fujian province. It goes through many famous and beautiful landscapes of Hunan Province.

Zhangjiajie Station

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Tianmen Mountain

Longshan Station


Liye ancient Town

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Mount Bamian


Mount Beiziyan

Sangzi Station


Jiutian Cave

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Mount Badagong

Niuchehe Station

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Taoyuan Station


Changde Station

Liuye Lake

Huayanxi National Forest Park

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