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Renovation and improvement of Changsha old districts

Updated:2020-01-21 15:24:04

In recent years, the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Government have attached great importance to the renovation and improvement of old urban areas. Changsha promoted a series of measures such as the rebuilding of shanty areas, three-year plans for improving community environment, reconstruction of the communities in the urban areas, and the protection of historic districts. Great improvements have achieved better living environments.

Tianxin District, as the core area of Changsha's old urban area, has achieved certain results through the implementation of the renewal through more than a year of work. Among them, Xiwenmiaoping Street fully uses historical and cultural elements to present higher quality of the facilities in the area and more functions.

Here, you can find all kinds of shops, cultural products, snacks and foods, which are refreshing for all people.

长沙老城区改造提质 老街巷找回春天