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People travel by train with electronic tickets during the Spring Festival

Updated:2020-01-13 10:38:43


"As long as you pass the security check, you can directly get in the station by scanning your ID card. It is more convenient and faster to access the train during the Spring Festival travel rush! "On January 10, Mr. Chen, a self-employed man in Changsha taking the C8043 intercity EMU train to Zhangjiajie, praised the new experience of his trip on a train. This Spring Festival is the first one after the implementation of electronic tickets for railways.

The level of intelligent technology of the railway transport of Changsha South Railway Station has been further improved. The station accurately locates navigation, scans codes to query vehicle positions, and recognizes customers' faces for entering the station. Technology creates a warmer and simpler Spring Festival travel for everyone.

"Technology is developed now! You can buy tickets directly online, you don't need to pick up tickets, you can directly enter the station by your face and ID card recognization, and it is much more convenient," many travelers praised such a fast way of travel.

Link: 春运广铁集团管内高铁、城际线路实现电子客票全覆盖