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The taste of Luxi oranges is as sweet as first love, Hunan

Updated:2020-01-14 09:38:22

More than 50 people came to Luxi County of Hunan province to participate in the event "2020 Hunan • Luxi E-commerce festival for the Spring Festival" on January 10, who are business experts, online poverty alleviation experts, agricultural product buyers, corporate representatives, channel dealers, media, internet celebrities and live broadcast experts from Hunan, Hubei, Shanghai, and other places. It is an activity to promote "one rural area with one well-known product" with the theme of "Consumption for Poverty Alleviation, E-commerce for Agriculture".

They went to the mandarin orange orchard in Maxikou Village of Luxi County. They experienced picking mandarin oranges and tasted the fruits by saying that the oranges are sweet as the first love.

Link: 泸溪椪柑•初恋的味道