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Calligraphers write Spring Festival couplets for people in Loudi City

Updated:2020-01-14 10:33:47


The cultural activity of“ Chinese Dream and Culture in Thousands of Homes” was held in Loudi City on January 12, which was co-sponsored by the Bureau of Loudi Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Sports and Loudi Art Museum. Ten well-known calligraphers and painters in Loudi made free Spring Festival couplets and free paintings for the citizens.

"I want a couplet of seven words," a citizen asked for Spring Festival couplets, and he went for his favorite calligrapher. "Well, a moment please, " Zeng Feng, a calligrapher, soon completed a couplet of spring couplets. A volunteer carefully passed the written couplet to the citizen with a new year blessing.

Compared with printed couplets, calligraphy couplets add artistic value in addition to the traditional auspicious meaning. In front of every calligrapher, people lined up. Writing couplets is the traditional way to welcome the Spring Festival and pray for peace and happiness in the new year, and everyone loves the Spring Couplets written by calligraphers.

Link: 娄底:墨香四溢迎新春