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Elegant White cranes dance in Poyang Lake

Updated:2020-01-17 10:45:38

A group of guests, migratory birds from the north, went a long distance and arrived at Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province. White crane, an elegant and beautiful creature, also traveled to the south.

At the beginning of October, white cranes began to fly from Russia to Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province in winter for 150 days. In December 2019, Yu Min, an ecological photographer from Hunan, successfully recorded beautiful photos of white cranes in Poyang Lake wetland.

According to Yu Min, white cranes are large birds that migrate seasonally. There are many kinds of cranes distributed in China, the United States, and Russia. Only the white cranes dance neck to neck. In the video, the two white cranes lower their heads and raise their heads continuously.

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