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Shoulder the responsibility against the eoidemic

Updated:2020-02-20 15:42:34

On 27 January, Hunan FOC formally issued initiative to calls for returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese make contributions to resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control, widely mobilize the returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese nationals, coordinate purchasing donations exceeding the epidemic prevention and control scarce goods. Cities and states overseas Chinese federation, overseas Chinese groups have responded.

On January 31, the provincial FOC again issued an initiative, calling on overseas Chinese friends at home and abroad to actively help find sources of supply, to help transport anti-epidemic supplies, for the first time to the line of anti-epidemic. On February 7, the provincial FOC sent a thank-you letter to overseas Chinese at home and abroad and the overseas Chinese federation system, expressing gratitude and encouraging again to strengthen the confidence in the fight against the epidemic.

During the antI-epidemic period, the provincial FOC were devoted to guide the overseas donation, promote department linkage, unriddling service consultation, contact sourcing resources docking, direct material purchasing, to assist transportation customs clearance, guide data statistics and so on, and according to the need to establish various WeChat work group, build group of more than 200 total, basically achieve the comprehensive coordination of a group of; Actively publicize the purchasing policy and clearance concession policy to overseas Chinese in the group, forward the instruction spirit of provincial party committee and provincial government leaders, and publicize and report the advanced typical deeds in time; The provincial federation of overseas Chinese has been promoted to establish a platform for information docking between the provincial federation of overseas Chinese and related materials, transportation, airports, customs, recipients and overseas Chinese recipients, forming a rapid response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control. Because of the time difference, the provincial federation of overseas Chinese leaders insist on 24-hour duty, try not to miss every piece of information, maximize the strength of the overseas Chinese community.

Hunan FOC established working groups via Wechat. Purchasing anti-epidemic materials" group, searched for sources of goods everywhere for cities and states, and took the lead in "solitori", pushed more than a thousand pieces of anti-epidemic materials procurement information, and established a fast transport channel for overseas targeted donations of anti-epidemic materials in cities and states.

By February 17, Hunan FOC launched a donation of 13.547626 million yuan, the medical supplies donated 34.504315 million yuan, among them, 92026 protective clothing, 5050120 masks, 16440 pairs of goggles, 1761 face shields, 1245418 pairs of medical gloves, 4800 pairs of medical shoe covers, 46000 bottles of medical alcohol , 8743 bottles of detergent, 1107 thermometers, 185800 medical caps.

Xiang Xingjun, deputy director of publicity and liaison office of provincial FOC, kept an eye on the news related to the prevention and control of the epidemic of xinguan pneumonia. Knowing that the protective clothing, protective mask, disinfectant after deficiencies, he immediately joined to the leadership, and cancel vacation plans to launch out during Spring Festival, by WeChat group, SMS, E-mail, etc., get in touch with overseas Chinese communities, ask them to search protective materials available for purchase, and actively assist the drafted a petition office, the related supplies demand, donation process, the logistics channel to provide information for overseas Chinese communities.

Xiang actively coordinated the targeted donation and overseas procurement of overseas Chinese people, and the procedures related to overseas donation were complicated. When the overseas Chinese people encountered difficulties, he immediately coordinated with the office keeper and assisted in drafting the certification letters. If needed medical supplies arrived, he would directly mobilize volunteers to send them to primary hospitals.

Yang Zhen, a cadre of the economic department of the provincial overseas Chinese federation, volunteered to work in advance on the fifth day of the first lunar month to help donors coordinate procurement channels and provide effective information.

Yang Zhen's wife is nurse in Wangwang Hospital. After the outbreak, she immediately rushed to the frontline to fight for life with the virus. As the husband of a medical worker, Yang can personally understand the mood of frontline medical workers. At two o 'clock in the morning, he was still unable to fall asleep, holding his mobile phone and waiting for the purchase information. He would not allow himself to miss any purchase channel, and tried his best to hold protective sheild for the first-line medical staff.

Hu Yongjun of the provincial FOCoffice gave up his vacation and went to work ahead of time. He took the initiative to assume the material reserve of the office and bought a lot of anti-epidemic materials in advance. He disinfected the office corridors every day. In addition, Hu also prepared a batch of masks and food in advance, and distributed them to the staff every day. At the same time, he also actively promoted the knowledge of epidemic prevention, and reminded all offices to do a good job of disinfection, wash hands frequently, and do not visit the door if necessary.

Over the past few days, Hu has been sticking to his post and taking on the responsibility of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. He is holding a tough shield in his hand.

Chen Senlin, party branch secretary of provincial FOC youth committee, led all party members to step forward and act as the first responders. Party members and members of overseas Chinese youth committee actively donated money and materials, and took the initiative to contact and connect with overseas Chinese associations.The party branch of the provincial overseas Chinese youth committee has set up a donation liaison working group to coordinate donation matters between overseas Chinese associations and caring individuals in the overseas Chinese community. To make statistics on material needs and standards, record the receipt of donations and procurement of materials and make a public report on a daily basis; Launch "love solitaire" in WeChat group of young returnees to maximize the gathering of love power of young returnees. Because of the time difference, Chen has to work on the donation till early morning every day.

At present, medical supplies such as surgical masks and protective clothing are in extremely short supply. Party members of the provincial overseas Chinese youth committee take the lead and mobilize members and contacts to urgently purchase medical supplies from overseas. Chen raised 252,000 yuan from Hunan Oriental Yuhong Anticorrosive Insulation Waterproof Engineering co. LTD. Director and staff , and 150,000 yuan from Changsha Jufeng Technology co. LTD .

The cadres of the provincial FOC regard epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work as the most important work at present. The party committee (personnel department) of the organ coordinates actively, gives play to the combat fortress of each branch and the exemplary role of the party member first, inspects the cadre in the front line; The discipline inspection commission is on the front line of supervision; The economic department has mobilized overseas Chinese enterprises to donate to help enterprises resume work.