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Lan,Volunteer buyer, helps supplies arriving in Xiangtan

Updated:2020-02-25 15:36:11

Lan Guangxiang, president of Xiangtan overseas Chinese Merchants Association, personally donated 500 sets of protective suits, 4000 disposable surgical masks, 1500 pairs of medical gloves, and 2500 N95 surgical masks jointly donated by Guo Liming, honorary President of Hunan Fellow Association of United Arab Emirates, to Xiangtan Central Hospital, Xiangtan County People's Hospital and other medical institutions.

Before the Spring Festival, Lan had planned to visit the project in Laos. After learning about the outbreak of the epidemic in his hometown and the shortage of medical supplies, he immediately decided to change his itinerary and walked through Vientiane. At the same time, he also actively contacted the local community of overseas Chinese in Laos, introduced the purchase channels to them, and uniformly handled the customs clearance procedures, which effectively saved the procurement and transportation time.

"Although we live abroad, our hearts are always connected with the motherland! Only when the motherland is prosperous and strong can we keep our heads up." Lan Guangxiang said.

Lan Guangxiang, a native of Xiangtan, is the chairman of Hunan Shengyu High-tech Materials co., and the President of Xiangtan overseas Chinese Merchants Association. No matter where he went, he always attached himself to his motherland and showed his enthusiasm for the cause of overseas Chinese. Every year, through the Xiangtan FOC "overseas Chinese love" project, he gives support and help to the families and masses of overseas Chinese in difficulties. The people he helped affectionately called him "Lan the good man".