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Hunan FOC supports enterprises to resume production

Updated:2020-02-26 15:29:35

In recent days, Hunan FOC took active actions to fully support and guide overseas Chinese enterprises to resume production orderly.

Provincial federation issued "work plan about promoting overseas companies to resume to work and production", helped overseas Chinese enterprises resuming production to collect relevant information, combed the main difficulties, and puts forward constructive suggestions.

At the same time, the provincial overseas Chinese federation issued the "hunan overseas Chinese federation's initiative on actively promoting overseas Chinese enterprises to resume production", advocating the confidence and determination of the provincial overseas Chinese community to overcome the epidemic. Overseas Chinese enterprises should resume production as soon as possible to promote the smooth operation of the economy. FOC at all levels should fully support the resumption of work and production, and be supportive for overseas Chinese enterprises.

In addition, Hunan FOC actively coordinates the appeals of overseas Chinese enterprises and helps solve relevant problems and difficulties; Cooperate with related media to strengthen the propaganda of excellent examples of overseas Chinese enterprises to resume production; Collect policy documents on talent solicitation, tax reduction and fee reduction by the central government, provincial government and relevant departments during the epidemic prevention and control period, and compile them into a volume, and send them to overseas Chinese enterprises, so as to provide strong targeted policy support and guidance for overseas Chinese enterprises.