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Overseas Chinese Groups mark Hunan FOC as trustworthy

Updated:2020-02-28 09:28:37


On February 23, a picture with the words "thanks to Hunan FOC, from Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangxi" made officials of the Hunan FOC red in the eyes. This is a special label made by Hunan Fellow Association of Washington US to thank Hunan FOC for bridge overseas Chinese and helping overseas Chinese groups to donate materials.

Since the outbreak of epidemic, Hunan Fellow Association of Washington US has donated several batches of targeted materials to 40 units and related medical institutions in 14 cities and states in Hunan province. Due to the complicated donation procedures in other provinces, and the failure to open up the green transport channel from other provinces, the association is extremely worried. With trust of all departments in hunan province and the recognition of the work efficiency of the staff of Hunan FOC, the association asked Hunan FOC for assistance in donation, hoping to dispatch and distribute medical protective materials through the green channel of hunan Red Cross society, so as to ensure the smooth arrival of medical protective materials on the first line.

In addition, some of the materials donated by the Austrian Hunan Fellow Federation to Hubei is ready to be mailed to the frontline of the anti-epidemic campaign.

In recent days, the service of Hunan FOC has been widely praised by overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese groups. While focusing on overseas Chinese enterprises to resume production, the federation will, as always, do a good job in the donation work at home and abroad, and help overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese groups to deliver the donated materials to the first line.