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Liao liping : the first overseas Chinese merchant donor in the province

Updated:2020-03-02 15:02:33

Late January 27, Hunan FOC called for the entire province returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese make contributions to resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control. Overseas Chinese Liao Liping responsed at the first time in New Zealand, sending ten boxes of materials from Auckland in New Zealand, a total of 2400 masks donated to Hunan. She was the fastest response overseas Chinese merchant throughout the province.

In addition, she again donated 23 sets of medical protective clothing and other units, 17 sets of disposable protective clothing, 500 sets of medical shoe covers, 2.5 -liter, 84 disinfectant, 50 surgical masks, 100 pairs of medical gloves.

As the head of Hunan Dacheng traditional medicine biology co., LTD., Liao Liping is both an industry insider and an overseas wmerchant. Entrusted by the chamber of commerce, Liao is specially responsible for the professional examination and verification of the quality and supplier qualification of overseas donated anti-epidemic materials, helping overseas caring crew to grasp the qualified medical materials, and assisting government departments to check the quality of overseas donated anti-epidemic materials.

During the Spring Festival, she set up a professional quality inspection team from her employees, and began to conduct professional audit on the quality and supplier qualification of protective materials donated by domestic and foreign enterprises and overseas Chinese.

Since the international standards of most medical materials are not uniform, it is very difficult to examine overseas qualifications. Liao led the team to review whether the suppliers meet the requirements of hundreds of qualifications every day, and put forward reasonable suggestions to overseas donaters.

Among them, an enterprise ready to purchase anti-epidemic materials encountered counterfeit, after Liao-team inspection, timely terminated the transaction, avoided the loss, and later in Liao's help bought qualified materials.